Gary Chiang

Developing an Integrative Approach
to Science and Christianity

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Science and Faith: the scientific perspective

Long before the distinction between faith and science became blurred, one of the greatest scientists in the 20th Century, Sir V.B. Wigglesworth (1899-1994)stated:
"The philosopher has no use for faith; that is why he speaks a totally different language from the scientist, whose entire system of thought is based on faith. It is curious to note how long it took for philosophers to recognize this obvious fact."
(from Wigglesworth, Insects and the Life of Man, London, Chapman and Hall, 1976, p.206)

He also stated in the same address:
"For the laws of science, which are the immediate objects of our faith, are not regarded by the scientist as for ever true. They are temporary, provisional, or partial truths."

What does this mean for the evolution/creation debate?

It means that the scientific theory of evolution (molecule to man) is no more, or no less, valid than the Bible's account of creation. Both should be taught in schools since both depend on faith.