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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Evolutionary Creation? Another name - same mistake

Oh my.
Seems that those who would rather believe in human wisdom rather than God's wisdom revealed in the Bible continue to hit their heads against the wall.
By putting together the terms evolution and creation, some well-meaning Christians actually think they can bring an end to the conflict between science and the Bible. How sad.
Evolutionary Creation is none other than Theistic Evolution by another name. Theistic Evolution was not able to alleviate the tension between science and the Bible, and neither will Evolutionary Creation be able to do so.
Only when one can actually see that it is their own prejudices, not the biblical or scientific facts, that determine what they believe to be true can one fully appreciate how much science fully supports the traditional biblical concepts such as a young earth, a real Adam and Eve, a virgin birth, and the resurrection of the dead.


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