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Friday, January 27, 2006

Intelligent Design ain't dead yet!

A recent Horizon's program on BBC reported that in the UK, 22% believed in creationism, 17% in Intelligent Design, 48% in evolution and 13% had no opinion.
As reported in Overcoming Prejudice in the Evolution/Creation Debate, a 2001 Gallop Poll in the US showed that 57% believed in creationism, 33% in evolution and 10% had no opinion.
What can be inferred from this data?
1. more Britons believe in evolution that Americans
2. ID is a viable alternative for those who believe in creationism
3. neither ID nor creationism are dead.
4. evolution has yet to become the theory of choice for the majority

One problem with these types of polls is the differences in definitions. The figure above helps to distinguish between different types of Evolutionists, and different types of Creationists.

In a previous post, Monk called himself a religious theist. I wonder where on the spectrum of categories in the above figure he would actually place himself?


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